Lab Capabilities

Service is something we pride ourselves in. We are constantly upgrading our lab assets to provide our customers with high quality service. Our lab technicians each have 30+ years of experience in test equipment calibration and repair. Currently, our lab has full capability from DC-50Ghz, and partial capability as high as 75Ghz.



Some of our primary lab standards include:

Keysight N9030A-550 PXA Signal/Spectrum Analyzer to 50Ghz
Agilent E8257D-567 PSG Series Signal Generator, 250khz-67Ghz
Agilent E8257DS15 and E8257DS10 mm-Wave Source Modules t 110Ghz
Agilent E8364C PNA Series Vector Network Analyzer, 10Mhz-50Ghz w/N4693A E-Cal Module
Agilent E5071C ENA Series Vector Network Analyzer, 9khz-4.5Ghz 
Agilent N1912A P-Series Power Meter
Agilent Power Sensors to 110GHz: E9304A, N8482A, N8485A, N8487A, N8488A, V8486A, W8486A
Agilent Mixers to 110Ghz, 11970V and 11970W
Agilent 16380A, 16380C, and 42030A Resistance and Capacitance Standards
Fluke 5720A Series II opt 03 Precision Calibrator w/5725A Current Amplifier
Fluke 5520A-SC1100 Multifunction Calibrator w/1.1Ghz Scope Calibrator Option
Fluke 9640A-LPN RF Reference Source
Andeen Hagerling 2500E Ultra-Precision Capacitance Meter
Andeen Hagerling 1100/11A Capaitance Standard
Rohde Schwarz FSMR26 Measuring Receiver System w/NRP-Z37 Power Sensor
Rohde Schwarz FSW26 Signal/Spectrum Analyzer, 2hz-26.5Ghz


Full capability from DC-50Ghz, Partial capability to 75Ghz.


All of our lab assets are calibrated yearly to NIST Standards. Accredited Calibrations available through someof our nationwide lab partners.