Aeroflex 3283 3hz-26.5Ghz Spectrum Analyzer

3hz-26.5Ghz Spectrum Analyzer


The spectrum analyzer provides excellent distortion and frequency/level accuracy performance, and easy operation, using the soft-key menu screen. It provides excellent cost performance with a choice of options for various applications. It is equipped with highly accurate calibration signals and attenuator, so that it can accurately calibrate switching errors of LOG/LIN scales, various resolution bandwidths, variable reference levels, etc. As frequency response data is corrected by built in calibration data, the instrument provides accurate level measurement over a wide range. The MEASURE function performs measurements of various applications without requiring the use of an external controller. Therefore, the performance of radio equipment can be easily evaluated in terms of frequency, noise, occupied frequency bandwidth, etc.  Phase noise is measured over a selected frequency range to find the total RMS noise in a given bandwidth. Residual FM can also be displayed.


  • High level accuracy ±0.15 dB up to 3 GHz Digital IF offers resolution bandwidths from 5 MHz to 1 Hz Low DANL of
  • +18 dBm third order intermodulation performance
  • Excellent LO phase noise
  • Optional tracking generator - all models


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