Aeroflex 3416 Digital RF Signal Generator 250khz-6Ghz


The Aeroflex 3410 Series is an agile RF signal generator that combines wide frequency cover and high performance vector modulation  in a small package, making it ideal for testing wireless communication systems and components.  The model 3416 has a frequency range of 250khz-6Ghz.


  • Fast RF frequency and level settling for high speed testing
  • High performance vector modulation for improved component test
  • Optional dual channel arbitrary waveform generator (ARB)
  • Low adjacent channel power for receiver selectivity and amplifier linearity testing
  • Fast GPIB response to maximize ATE system performance
  • Optional List Mode for ultra-fast frequency and level hopping capability
  • IQCreator™ RF waveform creation software
  • Wide bandwidth FM and AM modulation capability
  • Optional high speed pulse modulation capability
  • Compact, lightweight package
  • Simple-to-use touch panel interface


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