Agilent / Keyight N4985A-S50 Ultra-Broadband Microwave Amplifier 100khz-50Ghz


Centellax TA0L50VA Ultra-Broadband Microwave Amplifier (now KEYSIGHT N4985A-S50).  This amplifier covers baseband RF frequencies from 100khz to 50Ghz, with useable gain all the way to 65Ghz.


Broadband:  100khz-50Ghz
Saturated Output Power (Psat):  ~24dbm @ 2Ghz and ~50dbm @ 18Ghz
>27dbm Gain to 45Ghz
Useful Gain to 65Ghz
<6db Noise Figure
AC Power Supply Included
Small size, 3.5" x 3.5" x 1"
2.4mm Connectors


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