Agilent / Keysight 41941A Impedance Probe Kit for 4194A


When using the HP 4194A with the HP 41941A/B Impedance Probe Kit, you can perform reliable impedance evaluations up to 100 MHz.  Measurement errors due to residual impedance and stray admittance are eliminated by using the calibration standards furnished with the HP 41941A/B and the HP 4194A's automatic calibration function.  This makes it possible to make highly accurate measurements (basic measurement accuracy 1.5 to 3 percent) over a wide measurement range of 100 mΩ  to 1 MΩ.  Calibration accuracy is guaranteed to the tips of the HP 41941A (1.5 m) and HP 41941B (3 m) impedance probes.

The HP 41941A/B can be used as a grounded probe to evaluate the impedance of in-circuit components such as printed circuit patterns, and the input/output impedance of circuits.  In addition, you can connect an external dc bias source directly to the HP 41941A/B to perform dc biased measurements up to ±150V/0.5A, to measure the dc characteristics of inductors, capacitors, materials, and semiconductors.  To perform swept dc bias measurements, use the HP 4194A's ±40 V internal dc bias source


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