Agilent / Keysight 4194A Gain Phase and Impedance Analyzer 100hz-40Mhz


The 4194A impedance/gain-phase analyzer is an integrated solution for efficient measurement and analysis or go/no-go testing of components and circuits. Detailed impedance and transmission characteristics, including secondary parameter derivations, can be simply and quickly evaluated or tested. The 4194A can contribute to improving engineering productivity and reducing test cost. The analyzer is flexible and has wide measurement capabilities in both impedance and transmission measurements, It is also fully programmable using Auto Sequence Programming (ASP). Desired measurements and computations, including graphics analysis,can be programmed simply by storing fron-panel keystroe operations, allowing you to customize measurements,computation, and analysis functions. The 4194A also features high-accuracy and error elimination functions to ensure reliable measurements.


  • Wide range impedance measurement: 100 Hz to 40 MHz, 10 m-ohm to 100 M-ohm ,10 kHz to 100 MHz, 0.1-ohm to 1 M-ohm, when used with the 41941A/B
  • Gain-phase measurements: 10 Hz to 100 MHz, -107 dBm to +15 dBm, 0.1 dB resolution
  • Frexible measurement, computation, and analysis capabilities on a color graphic disply
  • Fully programmable


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