Agilent / Keysight 6063B DC Electronic Load 0-10A, 3-240V, 250W


The Agilent 6063B is a 250 W, single output electronic load, ideal for evaluation of DC power sources and power components in bench applications. The 6063B has built-in measurement functions that make it convenient for testing single output applications in areas such as research and development, production, and incoming inspection.


Output Ratings

  • Current: 0 to 10 A
  • Volts: 3 to 240 V
  • Maximum power: 250 W

Constant Current Mode

  • Ranges: 0 to 1 A, 0 to 10 A
  • Accuracy: 0.15% +/-10 mA
  • Regulation: 8 mA

Constant Voltage Mode

  • Accuracy: 0.12% +/-120 mV
  • Regulation (w/remote sense): 10 mV


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