Agilent/Keysight 85106D Millimeter Wave Network Analyzer 33-110Ghz


The Agilent 85106D is a banded Millimeter-wave Vector Network Analyzer System based on the 8510C VNA.  The system includes a pair of synthesized sweepers, the 8510C network analyzer, 85105A millimeter-wave controller, and a pair of waveguide test sets.  The test sets are available in different frequency bands from Q to W-band:

Agilent Q85104A, 33-50Ghz
Agilent U85104A, 40-60Ghz
Agilent V85104A, 50-75Ghz
Agilent W85104A, 75-110Ghz

Multiple S-Parameter test sets can be installed in the system if the 85105A controller has option 050.


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