Agilent/Keysight 8720ES Vector Network Analyzer 50Mhz-20Ghz


 The Agilent 8720ES vector network analyzer has a 50Mhz-20Ghz frequency range, 100db dynamic range, excellent port accuracy, and four display channels.  This unit is also capable of frequency and power sweeps. The 8720ES features solid-state switching S-Parameter test sets with full two-port error correction. The ES models contain a 55-dB step attenuator as a standard feature for wide output power range. Enhanced response calibration provides improved accuracy for transmission measurements by correcting for source match without the speed penalty of a full two-port calibration


  • 50 MHz to 20GHz frequency coverage. 
  • Fast measurement speed and data-transfer rates. 
  • Display up to four parameters at the same time. 
  • Up to 105dB dynamic range. 
  • Optional time domain, frequency offset, and high power measurements.


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