Agilent/Keysight 8753ES Vector Network Analyzer, S-Parameter, 30khz-3Ghz (optional to 6Ghz)

Vector Network Analyzer, S-Parameter, 30khz-3Ghz


The Agilent 8753ES vector network analyzer is available in 300khz-3Ghz or 300khz-6Ghz versions.  This analyzer has an integrated S-Parameter test set, 110db dynamic range, color display, and 1hz frequency resolution.  This analyzer has four independent channels, and can display all four S-Parameters simultaneously.  In addition, the 8753ES includes frequency and power sweeps, fast sweep and data transfer speeds, pass/fail testing, and magnitude and phase measurements in both forward and reverse directions. 


• Frequency Range 30khz-3Ghz, extendable to 6Ghz with option 006
• Frequency and power sweeps
• 3Ghz version available in 75ohm version (option 075)
• Optional time domain, harmonics measurements, configurable test set


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