Agilent/Keysight E5053A Microwave Downconverter for E5052A/B Signal Analyzer, 3-26.5Ghz

Extends the Range of an Agilent E5052A/B to 26.5Ghz


The E5053A microwave downconverter is designed to operate with the E5052A/B
signal source analyzer (SSA). When configured with the E5053A microwave
downconverter, the E5052A/B SSA offers exceptional phase noise sensitivity up to
26.5 GHz


  • Serves as dedicated microwave downconverter for the E5052A/B signal source analyzer (SSA)
  • All functions of the E5052A/B SSA are seamlessly integrated into the E5052A/B SSA user interface. (except baseband noise measurement function)
  • Cross-correlation technique enhances phase noise sensitivity to microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies
  • Compatible with 11970x series mixers for operation to 110Ghz


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