Agilent/Keysight E8361A PNA Millimeter Wave Vector Network Analyzer, 10Mhz-67Ghz

PNA Millimeter Wave Vector Network Analyzer


The Agilent E8361A Microwave Vector Network Analyzer has a wide 10Mhz-67Ghz Frequency Range.  This analyzer has a wide dynamic range, low trace noise, fast sweep speeds, and also features a Window’s operating system.  This analyzer has a wide variety of options available, so it can be configured exactly as needed for the tests that need to be performed.  The E8361A is part of Agilent’s PNA series of high-performance network analyzers.


• Wide 10Mhz-67Ghz Frequency Range, extendable to 110Ghz (N5250A)
• 94db Dynamic range
• <26usec/point measurement speed, 32 channels, 16001 points
• TRL/LRM Calibration, on-wafer, in-fixture, waveguide, and antenna measurements
• Mixer conversion loss, return loss, isolation, and absolute group delay

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