Agilent / Keysight N1022B Probe Adapter for DCA 86100 to 113x, 115x, 116x Probes


The N1022B probe adapter provides power, identification/calibration, and a high-integrity signal path between the DCA plug-in module and the probe. The output/interface end of the probe amplifier section attaches to one side of the adapter. The other side of the probe adapter is an instrumentation grade 3.5 mm connector that attaches to the bulkhead male connector of the electrical channel on the oscilloscope plug-in module. For bias and identification, an interface cable from the probe adapter attaches to the probe power port of the oscilloscope plug-in. The N1022B is directly compatible with any of the 861XX, 8348X, and 5475X DCA plug-in modules with electrical channel bandwidths of 20 GHz or less and a 3.5 mm connector.. 


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