Agilent/Keysight N5242A PNA-X High Performance Vector Network Analyzer, 10Mhz-26.5Ghz

PNA-X High Performance Vector Network Analyzer


The Agilent N5242A PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer has a 10Mhz-26.5Ghz frequency range, and can be purchased with either 2- or 4-ports. The PNA-X Series include an internal source with very low harmonics and high accuracy. The optional second internal source (standard for 4-port model) together with internal combining network allows fast swept intermodulation distortion measurements for amplifiers. Internal path switches and rear access loops provide maximum flexibility for integrating signal conditioning components or external instruments, and turn the PNA-X into a test hub for a single-connection multiple-measurement (SCMM) solution. The enhanced user interface, large and crisp display with touch screen, and flexible remote interfaces maximize productivity in design and production environments. The award winning nonlinear vector network analyzer application provides a critical leap in technology to go beyond S-parameters, allowing you to efficiently and accurately analyze and design active devices under real world operating conditions.


• Frequency Range 10Mhz-26.5Ghz
• Available in 2-port (option 200) or 4-port (option 400) configurations
• Wide range of available analysis options

• High output power (+18dbm), low harmonics (-60dbc), and wide power sweep range (38db)

• Best dynamic accuracy: 0.1db compression with +13dbm input power at receiver
• Low noise floor at -114dbm at 10hz IFBW

• Applications for S-Parameters (CW and pulsed), noise figure, gain compression, intermodulation and harmonic distortion, conversion gain/loss, true-differential stimulus, millimeter wave, nonlinear waveform and X-Parameter characterization, antenna test


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