Agilent/Keysight Z5623A-H01 Dynamic Accuracy Test Set


The Agilent Technologies Z5623A Option H01 Dynamic Accuracy Test  Set is designed for use with Agilent Technologies network analyzers  such as the E8356A/E8357A/E8358A PNA series analyzers and the  8753 series network analyzers.   

The Z5623A H01, when used with an E-Series power meter, a  thermocouple power sensor, and a test algorithm, can measure a  receiver’s relative power linearity (dynamic accuracy). The Z5623A H01  was designed for maximum measurement accuracy over a 120dB  dynamic range. The signal’s amplification and attenuation is controlled  via internal switches and attenuators.   

The Z5623A H01 can only be controlled using an external GPIB  controller.


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