Ando / Yokogawa AQ6315A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Optical Spectrum Analyzer


The AQ6315A optical spectrum analyzer brings advanced capabilities to a wide range of applications, from light source evaluation to measurement of loss wavelength characteristics in optical devices.

The AQ6315A has all the features of prior AQ6312A/-6312B models fully upgraded significantly. They incorporate a totally new monochrometer design`. In spite of the compact case, they support single -pass/double- pass monochrometer mode select. In the double -pass monochrometer mode dynamic range is improved far beyond what it has even been before. In the single -pass monochrometer mode it supports the same wide range of applications as the prior models.

The AQ6315A provides diverse analysis functions for WDM and other optical devices (LD, LED, FBG, etc.). High wavelength accuracy provides ±0.05 nm wavelength accuracy in the 1550 nm band, with ±0.02 nm wavelength linearity, makes it especially useful for WDM devices, such as high-precision loss wavelength characteristic evaluation.

The monochromode can be set to single-pass or double-pass to match your measurement application needs. The AQ6315A covers from 350nm to 1750nm and noise level has been suppressed to allow the AQ6315A/B to measure light at down to -90Bm.


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