Anritsu 37377D Vector Network Analyzer 40Mhz-50Ghz


The Anritsu 37377D is a Lightning Vector Network Analyzer that encompass a wide range of high performance component and system test tools designed to address the growing needs of defense, satellite, radar, broadband communication, and optoelectronic component markets.

The 37377D is a VNA optimized to measure S-parameters for both active and passive devices. It offers the full suite of Lightning features, including gain compression, power sweep capability, internal bias tees and step attenuators.

The 37377D can Independently control two sources for testing of mixers, multipliers and frequency translated devices. Accurately calibrate the power output of the analyzer for flat, leveled power across the entire frequency sweep.


Multiple Source Control mode and Frequency Offset
• E/O and O/E measurements
• Gain Compression application
• Internal Bias tees
• Extended Power Range (Source Step Attenuator and test port attenuator)
• Rear Panel IF inputs
• NxN Calibration Utility for Mixer Measurements
• Embed/De-Embed Application
• High Stability Frequency Reference
• 1 Hz Frequency Resolution


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