California Instruments 5001i AC Power Source 5KVA, 16-500hz, 3-Phase


This Series combines the essential variable frequency, voltage, and current functions in a small and lightweight AC power source. By focusing on the key AC power requirements for commercial and industrial applications, the CI 5001i is ideally suited as a general purpose AC source for both development and manufacturing applications.  At only 7" high, the I Series is one of the highest power density AC power sources available.  With a  rated output level of 5KVA for a single unit, the 5001i has the power to drive a wide variety of loads.

As an affordable and reliable source for 400hz AC Power, the 5001i is well suited for aerospace applications.  Precise frequency control and accurate load regulation are practical features in these applications. 

The DC output capability of the 5001i allows the same power source to be used for both AC or DC test.  Switching between AC and DC output modes is done through the push of a button on the front panel.  DC output voltage ranges are 0-135V and 0-270V. 


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