ETS Lindgren 3109 Biconical Antenna 20-300Mhz, 2kw Power Handling


Frequency Range: 20 MHz - 300 MHz. The Model 3109 Biconical antenna is ideal for IEC 1000-4-3 testing. It provides both a broad frequency and high input power.

The 3109 Biconical antenna uses a modified Guanella balun for impedance transformation and matching, and it is constructed of much heavier materials so that maximum continuous input power can reach 2 kW. While this antenna typically has a high VSWR at frequencies below 70 MHz, it is still capable of generating a high field strength with acceptable input power in this region of the band.


Frequency Minimum 20 MHz
Frequency Maximum 300 MHz
Connectors Type N (f)
Impedance (Nominal) 50 Ω
Maximum Continuous Power 2 kW
Pattern Type omnidirectional
Peak Power 3 kW
Polarization linear
VSWR 1.9:1


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