ETS Lindgren 3148B Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna 200Mhz-2Ghz


The ETS-Lindgren Model 3148B Log Periodic Antenna is specifically designed for making CISPR 16-1 measurements which require a 20 dB difference in the cross polarization rejection. This is achieved using an engineering design and manufacturing process that offsets all of the elements in a precision pattern. The excellent cross-polarization property ensures minimum measurement uncertainty for radiated emissions and normalized site attenuation measurement.

The precision construction of the assembly of the boom and elements result in excellent VSWR and optimal phase relationship.

The Model 3148B antenna features relatively constant linear gain (measures in far field without any sudden “dips” or “bumps”).

Frequency Range

The frequency range of the Model 3148B is 200 MHz to 2 GHz. This makes the Model 3148B ideal for CISPR 16 testing and other standards based on it, such as CISPR 25.

High Gain

The Model 3148B’s design provides a balance between the shortest antenna and the highest possible gain, with a 5 dB average gain over its frequency.


The choice of spacing between booms and the changing element diameter provide excellent impedance of the antenna. This results in a in low VSWR.


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