Fluke 5520A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator

High Performance Multifunction Calibrator


The Fluke 5520A builds on the 5500A's capabilities, extending its workload coverage even further. Its improved accuracy, expanded ranges, and capability to calibrate 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 digit multimeters can cover virtually all your high-performance workload, including: Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 1/2 digits .  The 5520A’s optional oscilloscope calibration option allows calibration of scopes to 1100Mhz.


• C voltage range: 0 - 1100V
• DC current range: 0 - 11A
• Resistance range: 0 - 330 MOhm
• AC voltage range: 1.0mV - 1000V
• AC current range: 0.033mA - 11A
• Capacitance range: 0.33nf - 1.1mf


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