Fluke 6100A Electrical Power Standard


The Fluke 6100A sets a new benchmark for accuracy in power standards. Voltage and current are generated with up to 6 digits resolution and accuracys approaching 100 ppm (0.01 %). Phase adjustment provides for 1 milli-degree or 10 micro-Radian resolution. Phase performance is exceptional, with accuracy to 3 milli-degrees and short term stability to 200 micro-degrees. In multi-phase systems phase accuracy between phases is 5 millidegrees, again with short term stability to 200 micro-degrees. This outstanding level of phase performance equals or exceeds a number of commercially available phase standards.  Phase accuracy is imperative in achieving power accuracy. The 3 milli-degrees phase accuracy of the Fluke 6100A ensures power accuracy approaching 200 ppm (0.02 %) can be achieved. Simple trigonometry applied to the equation Power = VIcosø demonstrates that compromising phase performance can only severely degrade power uncertainty


  • The 6100A will supply pure sinusoidal voltage to 1000 V and current to 21 Amps (optionally to 80 A). Up to 50 VA’s of power is available from the voltage terminals to support instruments which draw power from the line on which they are measuring.

  • Outstanding Resolution and Accuracy
  • Multi-Phase Operation
  • Energy Calibration and Verification



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