Fluke 9640A RF Reference Source 1mhz-4Ghz


The Fluke 9640A and 9640A-LPNX RF Reference Sources are designed specifically for RF Calibration (including spectrum analyzer calibration, network analyzer calibration, attenuator calibration, and more), featuring a calibration-oriented user interface, precision signal level and attenuation, high signal purity and precision low distortion modulation. This unique combination of features and performance makes them clearly superior to the general purpose signal generators that are often used in RF calibration systems, with the 9604A-LPNX low phase noise version providing superior phase noise performance.

The 9640A Series simplifies and speeds up calibration procedures, reduces opportunities for operator errors, and greatly simplifies RF metrology. As the core of an RF and microwave calibration system, the 9640A Series covers the majority of test points required for calibrating spectrum analyzers of any frequency range.


  •  Reduced close-in phase noise and specifications to 1 Hz offsets.
  • Improved level accuracy and attenuation    
  • Optional integrated 50 MHz frequency counter, reducing the number of instruments needed in an RF calibration system in the lab or onsite for UUT frequency reference testing.
  • Extended leveled sine frequency setting resolution--An enhanced mode with 10 uHz resolution at all frequencies, giving a maximum display and setting resolution of 4.023 999 999 999 99 GHz.
  • Leveled sine minimum output frequency of 1 mHz, replacing a function generator in many multipurpose calibration systems, enhancing the 9640A Series versatility.
  • External phase modulation, also with 1MHz bandwidth for phase and frequency modulation.
  • Enhanced resolution frequency sweep with new phase and amplitude continuous, range locked, narrow channel sweep.


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