Keithley 2306 Battery Charger/Analyzer, 15 V, 3A, 15W, Dual Channel, Programmable


The Model 2306 Dual Channel Battery Charger/Simulator is the ideal solution for production test applications involving portable, battery-operated products such as telecommunication devices. Ultra fast transient response and variable output resistance provide performance and response identical to actual batteries. This allows engineers to test portable products under the most realistic operating conditions, and to eliminate false failures caused by conventional power supplies with slow transient response times. Variable output resistance enables test engineers to simulate the operation of different battery types, as well as batteries nearing the end of their useful lives. The 2306 ensures maximum production throughput by minimizing test system complexity, because this instrument can measure DC and pulse current as well. Related Applications include development and testing of portable, battery-operated products such as: Cellular and cordless telephones, Mobile radios, and Pagers.


  • Optimized for development and testing of battery-powered devices
  • Ultra-fast response to transient load currents
  • Variable output resistance simulates battery output
  • Pulse peak, average, and baseline current measurements
  • 100nA DC current sensitivity
  • Current step measure function
  • Sinks up to 3A
  • Open sense lead detection
  • Built-in digital voltmeter


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