Lecroy DA18000AC Differential Amplifier for SDA18000, 18Ghz, 2.92mm


The DA18000AC Differential Amplifier is a very high bandwidth AC coupled differential amplifier with a true 100 Ω balanced input. It features high common mode rejection, low noise, and is designed to be used exclusively with the SDA 18000 Serial Data Analyzer. The amplifier has unity gain, to maximize the signal to noise performance when used with the lower amplitude signal voltages common in higher data rate systems.

The DA18000 is supplied with a short pair of input cables which are matched to an electrical propagation length of 2.5 ps. Use of the DA18000 with these cables eliminates the need to deskew and calibrate input channels for differential match, a problem encountered when acquiring differential signals with two oscilloscope channels connected with long cables.


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