Rohde Schwarz EB200 Miniport Radio Monitoring Receiver 10khz-3Ghz


The EB200 is suitable for the following tasks: Monitoring of specific frequencies, e.g. storage of up to 1000 frequencies, squelch setting, constant monitoring of a frequency or cyclical scanning of several frequencies
Searching in the frequency range with user-selectable start and stop frequency and step widths from 1kHz to 9.999MHz Location of close-range to medium-range targets with the aid of the HE200 handheld directional antenna (NOT INCLUDED) Detection of undesired emissions including pulsed emissions Detection of unlicensed transmitters communicating illegally or interfering with licensed transmission Protection against tapping by detecting miniature spy transmitters (bugs) Monitoring of one's own radio exercises in a service band

Fitted with the optional RF spectrum DIGI-Scan (EB200DS), the EB200 scans the frequency range of interest with digital control and displays the associated spectrum in realtime. It provides a quick overview of the frequency spectrum occupancy.  Variations in the spectrum caused by illegal radio services, interference sources, interference, temporary emissions, etc, can be seen at a glance. Aural monitoring of the information is possible by simply pressing a key. The EB200 then goes to the listen mode. The emission of interest is demodulated and can be aurally monitored.

The optional EB200SU IF panorama is provided to accurately examine the signal environment. The current receive frequency forms the center of the spectrum display. The span can be set between ±75 Hz and ±500 kHz and can thus optimally be adapted to the tasks. MIN HOLD and MAX HOLD representations further expand the applications.


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