Rohde Schwarz EB500 Radio Monitoring Receiver 9khz-6Ghz


The Rohde SchwarzEB500 monitoring receiver is designed to meet the demanding requirements of ITU-compliant radiomonitoring tasks in stationary and mobile environments.  The standard configuration has a wide 20Mhz-6Ghz frequency range, that can be extended down to 9khz with the addition of option HF. 

The R&S®EB500 monitoring receiver has an outstanding feature set for monitoring transmissions, detecting interference, locating unlicensed transmitters in the frequency spectrum, or even functioning as a search receiver. In addition, it is exceptionally compact and consumes relatively little power.


  • Options available for Panorama Scan, ITU Measurements, Direction Finding, DF Error Correct, Selective Call Analysis
  • Spectrum and Spectrogram Displays
  • 1khz-20Mhz IF spectrum and parallel demodulation with bandwidths from 100hz-20Mhz
  • Wide 9khz-6Ghz Frequency Range


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