Rohde Schwarz ZVA67 Vector Network Analyzer 10Mhz-67Ghz


The Rohde Schwarz ZVA Series is the ideal choice for demanding measurements in the lab and in production--from filter measurements requiring the maximum dynamic range, to linear and non-linear measurements on amplifiers, mixers, as well as receivers and transceivers. 

The ZVA has set milestones for the most challenging of applciations.  It is the first series of VNAs with up to four internal sources up to 67Ghz for fast two-tone measurements on amplifiers and mixers. 

The test set includes a number of special design features.  There is one measurement channel and one reference channel for each test port, an RF switch in each generator path, and a generator for each pair of test ports.  The ZVA67 has a generator for EACH test port.  This makes the ZVA67 an analyzer of unprecedented performance and functionality.


  • 10Mhz-67Ghz Frequency Range, 1.85mm Test Port Connectors
  • True Differential Measurements on Balanced DUTs
  • Parallel Signal Output and MEasurements at the test ports for measuring two or more DUTs simultaneoulsy
  • Generation of up to four coherent signals for A&D Applications such as antenna measurements
  • Linear and Nonlinear Amplifier and Mixer Measurements


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