Rohde Schwarz ZVB20 Vector Network Analyzer 10Mhz-20Ghz

Vector Network Analyzer


The Rohde Schwarz ZVB20 Vector Network Analyzer is an ideal analyzer for both production applications and development.  The ZVB Series simplify vector network analysis, especially for multiport measurements and balanced devices.  The ZVB20 is available in both 2- and 4-port configurations.


New Multiport Concept:
- Instruments with two or four test ports – for multiport and balanced measurements
- Two internal sources (four-port models) – to provide RF and LO signals for mixer measurements by means of a single unit

- Capability to perform balanced measurements – to characterize balanced DUTs by their mixed mode S-parameters

- Optional automatic calibration units – to speed up calibration and avoid operator errors

Outstanding Specifications:
- 60001 points per trace
- Dynamic range better than 123 dB (typ. 130 dB)
- Power sweep range >50 dB

High Speed:
- Measurement time < 4.5 ms for 201 test points (frequency sweep)
- Switching time between channels < 1 ms
- Switching time between instrument setups < 10 ms
- Data transfer time < 0.7 ms (201 test points via RSIB)
- Simultaneous measurement of more than one DUT

Modern User Interface:
- Intuitive Windows-based operation via mouse
- Operation by means of hardkeys and softkeys
- Large number of channels, traces and setups that can be loaded simultaneously


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