Sorensen HPD30-10 Single Output DC Power Supply, 0-30V, 0-10A, 300W


The Sorensen HPD30-10, one of the HPD Series, provides 300 watts of reliable DC power in a quarter-rack wide chassis. The supply is ideal for benchtop, ATE systems and OEM applications, where wide adjustment of output voltage or current is required in a compact package.

This Programmable DC Power Supply uses switch-mode technology combined with linear post regulation to provide performance comparable to an all-linear design, and has excellent line and load regulation with low noise and good transient response as a result of zero voltage "soft switching" and Power Factor Correction.


Constant voltage, constant current: 0-30 Volts, 0-10 Amps
LED voltmeter and ammeter with bargraph
Remote sensing
Rack mount capability


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