Tektronix H600 RFHawk Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Hunter, 10khz-6.2Ghz


The H600 RFHawk combines a high performance spectrum analyzer with an intuitive set of user controls, allowing for the quick and simple classification and location of both analog and digital RF transmissions. 

The importance of quickly tracking down signals that may be used for disruptive, illegal purposes has grown significantly in recent years. Wireless bugs, malicious remote control RF links, illicit activities using wireless devices or unintentional emissions that hamper infrastructure operation are often of great interest. Finding and physically locating RF emitters that are misusing the radio spectrum can be a challenging process, especially when risk mitigation and time to response are critical. 

Utilizing the H600 RFHawk, surveillance engineers and field operators can quickly and effectively spot and locate illegitimate analog and digital RF transmission sources in the field. The battery operated, rugged solution provides field-proven signal hunting, mapping and documentation tools, offering unparalleled performance for rapid targeting of illegitimate signals. 

The touch-screen user interface offered by the H600 RFHawk is designed for field conditions and optimized for scanning the RF environment, classifying the known signals and locating the unknown or illegitimate analog and digital RF transmission sources. The spectrogram mode feature of the H600 RFHawk allows customers to see the true signal shape through FFT-based spectrum analysis capabilities. This is especially useful for bursty signals such as WiFi, hopping such as GSM, or intentionally sporadic signals.  The H600 RFHawk allows logging of these signals and storing geographic reference data per measurement.

A simple but powerful user interface allows for a specific region of interest to be clearly defined and isolated for scanning, analyzing, and storing. Within that region of interest, the RFHawk uses a DSP technique – spectral correlation analysis – to look at internal frequencies within the signal. By using this technique, it is possible to find a digital signal’s symbol rate, other repetitive internal rates and compare the signal to known valid signal types. 

When an unrecognized signal is defined as a potential threat, the H600 RFHawk provides a field-proven set of signal hunting tools. Directional antenna and signal strength readings linked to built-in GPS referenced or in-building maps enable rapid narrowing of the search area, leading to the target. Users can easily plot the direction from which a suspicious signal is emanating. High sensitivity and low noise floor allow tracking of faint signals better than most traditional handheld spectrum analyzers.


  • 10khz-6.2Ghz Frequency Range
  • 20Mhz Capture Bandwidth
  • Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI:  125uS
  • Benchtop spectrum analyzer performance in a ruggedized handheld battery-operated field unit offers better than 70 dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), guaranteed ≤ -95 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset phase noise specifications from 10 kHz to 6.2 GHz
  • Excellent sensitivity for detecting very low-level signals with -153 dBm DANL at 10 Hz RBW (equivalent to -163 dBm/Hz) such as RF bugs and unauthorized transmitters
  • Built-in classification capability for WLAN, GSM, W-CDMA, CDMA, ATSC signals makes quick and simple identification of legitimate signals
  • Hunt outdoor signals with built-in GPS receiver by plotting measurements directly into GPS geo-referenced maps such as Pitney Bowes Mapinfo, Google™ Earth, Microsoft® MapPoint®, Bitmap, and many others


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