Tektronix MCA3027 27GHz Microwave Counter/Analyzer & Power Meter


The Tektronix and MCA3027 Microwave Counter Series outperforms every microwave counter on the market today in terms of resolution, speed, and acquisition time. Including an integrated power meter, the MCA Series packs many different functions into one feature-rich instrument.

With industry-leading frequency and time resolution, the MCA Series comes standard with internal memory and a fast data transfer rate of 250k Samples/s to memory. In addition, the multi-parameter display shows auxiliary measurements alongside your main measurement to provide you with the results you need at a glance. With the industry’s most comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots, you have the tools you need to quickly and accurately analyze your signal.

Besides being an outstanding microwave counter, the Tektronix MCA3027 Series also serves as a general-purpose timer/counter with two additional 300 MHz inputs.

Fast high-resolution frequency or power measurements with a very short acquisition time of 25 ms (Auto) or zero (Manual) is essential for validating today’s complex designs. For calibration and metrology applications, the TEK MCA-3027 Series offers very high accuracy through a stable internal OCXO time base, low systematic time interval A-B error, and high resolution.

The Tektronix MCA3027 Microwave Counter Series offers industry-best throughput, saving you up to 90% on your testing time compared to other microwave timer/counters on the market. Up to 250,000 measurement results per second can be stored in the internal memory. Alternatively, you can transfer up to 5,000 measurement results per second in Block mode through the GPIB or USB interface.


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