Tektronix P7350SMA 5Ghz Differential Probe


Tektronix brings you the first-available high-speed differential SMA input probe.  The P7350SMA provides a tool for measuring differential signals in a 50 Ω signaling environment.  Before the introduction of the P7350SMA, most serial data compliance measurements required cabling a differential signal to two oscilloscope channels and applying waveform math to calculate the difference.  By integrating a dual 50 Ω termination network and a differential amplifier in the probe head, the P7350SMA measures a differential signal pair on each channel of a multiple channel oscilloscope.  Since many of the new high-speed serial data standards define differential signaling on multiple channels, the P7350SMA provides a more efficient measurement solution


  •  <100 ps Rise time (Guaranteed)
  • 5.0 GHz Bandwidth (Typical)
  • Dual SMA inputs to internal 50 Ω termination network
  • Internal differential amplifier with high CMRR
  • DC Bias Port for Common Mode Voltage termination (LVPECL & CML bias capability)
  • Good Differential Input Return Loss
  • Low Input Skew
  • Supplied with low loss matched delay cables
  • TekConnect™ Interface preserves signal integrity to 10 GHz and beyond to meet present and future bandwidth needs


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