Tektronix TCPA400 AC/DC Current Amplifier DC-50Mhz


  • AC/DC Measurement Capabilities
  • DC-50 MHz, Current Probe Amplifier
  • Automatic Scaling and Units--Oscilloscope On-Screen Readout of Magnitude and Units Reduces Measurement Errors with No More Hand Calculations
  • AC / DC Input Coupling
  • Low Insertion Impedance Reduces Device Under Test Loading
  • Small Mechanical Package--Less Desktop Space, Easier Storage and Handling
  • Split-Core Construction Allows Easy Circuit Connection
  • Status Indicators Provide Visual Operating Status and Notification of Potential Error Conditions
  • Lower DC Drift and Noise Allows Improved Low Level Current Measurements
  • Certified for use in U.S., Canada, and Europe. Complies with applicable IEC standards


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