Tektronix VM5000 Video Measurement System, 1Ghz


The Tektronix VM5000 automates video testing of consumer HDTV and PC graphics devices such as digital set-top boxes, multi-media PCs, graphics cards and video semiconductors. It addresses the needs of engineers developing and deploying the next generation of video devices for the digitally connected home. Unrivaled performance in terms of speed, accuracy and reliability has made the VM5000 the choice of industry leaders for design validation, quality control and ATE applications..


Automates Test of Consumer HDTV Video Devices
Automates VESA Compliance Test for PC Graphics Devices
Fast, Accurate and Reliable Video Measurements
Comprehensive Component Analog Video Signal Analysis
SD, HDTV and RGBHV Component Analog Format Support
Picture, Vector and Waveform Displays


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