Teseq Schaffner NSG438 ESD Simulator 30kV


The NSG 438 30 kV ESD Gun by Schaffner / Teseq fulfills the requirements of all known ESD standards. The basic model is type approved and calibrated in conformity with IEC/EN 61000-4-2 with standard network (150pF/330Ω).  Being well-balanced and pistol-shaped ensures that the Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 ESD Gun is natural and comfortable in use. The control elements and display can always be seen by the operator, current operating conditions are constantly displayed.

The Schaffner / Teseq NSG 438 Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Gun Simulator System generates standard-conform discharge pulses of 200 Volts to 30 kV, in both air discharge and contact discharge operation. The full range of parameter setting possibilities for polarity, pulse repetition, counter functions, breakdown detection, etc., remains fully available, all the way up to the maximum discharge voltage setting.


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