VTI Instruments EX7204L Four-Slot, Half-Rack Modular, Latching/Terminated Microwave Switching Mainframe


The EX7204 series offers maximum performance, flexible design options, and an operating range that extends to 26.5 GHz – all in a compact footprint. Any combination of SPDT, SP4T and SP6T building blocks can be housed in a single 2U-rack enclosure that includes an 8-bit digital I/O bus. The standard EX7204A high-density mainframe houses non-latching/non-terminated relays, while the EX7204L is used for applications that require the performance of latching and terminated relays. 


The EX7204 series software architecture allows easy integration with other GPIB, PXI, VXI, LXI or USB instruments. The software drivers are based on the IVI industry standard and can be used within virtually any development environment. A graphical, web-based interface provides the necessary tools for controlling and monitoring an EX7204 series through local or remote access using a web browser.

This instrument leverages the EX7000 feature set to provide users with tools that can be used to enhance the efficiency of their applications. These tools include scan lists, exclude lists, programmable MBB and BBM, pre-defined configuration storage, LXI trigger events, IEEE 1588 synchronization and triggering, and I/O control of other devices


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