Anritsu MS8609A Digital Radio Transmitter Test Set

9khz-13.2Ghz Radio Communications Analyzer


Anritsu's MS8608A and MS8609A are transmitter testers equipped with an internal spectrum analyzer, a modulation analyzer and a power meter. Just one tester can cover the development and manufacturing of base stations and mobile stations, as well as the construction and maintenance of base stations.


  • Excellent performance for evaluating W-CDMA modulation signals. This makes it ideal for the development and manufacture of W-CDMA radio transmitters (base station and mobile).GSM/EDGE HSDPA, WLAN/802.11, CDMA, 1xEVDO, and Pi/4DQPSK (PHS, PDC, IS-136) measurements are also supported.
  • The built-in spectrum analyser (standard) covers a resolution bandwidth of up to 20 MHz. It is ideal for evaluating devices such as base station power amplifiers, due to its wide dynamic ranges of 68 dB (typical for 5 MHz offset) and 75 dB (typical for 10 MHz offset) for adjacent channel power (ACP) measurement (sweep method). A new average detection mode permits high-accuracy measurement of signal power with this noise-like spreading modulation.
  • The built-in power meter (standard) integrates an amorphous power sensor for high-accuracy (+-0.4 dB) power measurements.



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